Jewelry that Sparkles with Energy and Intention

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If you are reading these words, this jewelry is meant for you.

I am a family practice doctor who designed the I AMulet® intention necklace for positive and mindful living. As you browse these pages, you’ll find other jewelry pieces too, all with a simple and classic design style to highlight your inner, unique beauty.

My workbench overlooks a murmuring creek, a colorful landscape, and an elderly willow tree. It’s a quiet spot, full of light and love. When I sit to work with my tools, I like to imagine how the supportive and positive energy from this jewelry will bring you confidence, strength, and happiness.

I AMulet

Combines natural gemstone energy with positive affirmations, intention statements, and a good luck amulet for happiness and well-being.

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Word Play

Unique designs using pictures, letters, and words.

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Gemstone Pieces

Necklaces and earrings hand crafted with natural gemstones.

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Melissa’s Fundraising Effort for Doctors Without Borders

Sunflower Bead Bracelets

I wanted to do something to help the people of Ukraine, and as a doctor, I couldn’t stop thinking about other doctors and nurses trying to take care of the sick and injured in the midst of chaos.
And so, in my little corner of the globe, I began tying knots in cords to make these sunflower bracelets and raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.
Click the button below to join me in this ongoing endeavor.
Melissa C Mark Jewelry Carnelian I AMuleT

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