Jewelry with Meaning, Worn with Intention

2023 Lucky Penny Necklaces and Keychain

Hello and Welcome!  If you are reading these words then you have found my work for a reason!

My name is Melissa, and I am a Minneapolis based family practice doctor who developed the I AMulet® intention necklace to overcome limiting beliefs and foster self-agency.  As you browse these pages, you’ll find beautiful gemstone pieces with a simple and classic design style. This jewelry is meant to complement, highlight, and amplify your energy and power.

May you wear, share, and receive this jewelry in good health and happiness!

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I AMulet®

A unique intention necklace with collectable gemstone affirmation pendants.

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Classically styled gemstone earrings that are light and versatile to wear.

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Necklaces and pendants with a minimalistic aesthetic to best highlight each gemstone’s beauty

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2023 Lucky Penny Necklaces and Keychain

2023 Limited Edition I AMulet®

Malachite - I AM Bold

Powerful transformations grow from the seeds of our dreams.

Don’t let the regrets of yesterday or the worries of tomorrow keep you from creating the future you desire. 

Be bold, stay present, and believe in yourself!

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