Summer Music 2019


I’m in full blown summer mode these days. The days are long, the temperatures high, and the dewpoints … heavy. It’s what we Minnesotans live for, and I’m soaking up every bit of the sun drenched mosquito laden wonder that I can.

Summertime always makes me think of my childhood, and keep gravitating toward songs from that time to listen to; hence this new workbench playlist. Yes, you will still see some George Winston and other songs from last time (see previous post) but there’s a whole bunch of other stuff, too. I found many good tunes on a Spotify Guardians of The Galaxy playlist, and they just FIT with the vibe I was craving. I also added some Queen (because… of course, Queen in the summer!) and Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed.

Love that song.

I also decided to include a few Billy Joel songs from his Glass Houses album. In the summer of 1971 this was THE album that my friend Sunny and I listened to EVERY DAY. We’d jump around her family room like crazies singing to song after song. Some we liked, some we didn’t, but it didn’t matter. That was how we spent our time, and it was time well spent as 11 and 12 year-olds. I like thinking about being with her before “life” got in our way. I miss her.

I also put some Lizzo on the list because all that wonderfully chill summer music needed a jolt of fabulousness. Lizzo USED to live in Minneapolis for a few years, and so I think her music is perfect for a Minnesota summer vibe;  She’s fantastic.





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