Well, February has come and gone and we are officially on the way to Spring.


The days are slowly stretching out again, and so in honor of the sun’s welcome return, I’m excited to feature these beauties.

Sunshine-y Lemon Quartz suns! They are so super sparkly.

I love quartz. Actually, one of my earliest rock memories is of me sitting on the asphalt cul-de-sac in front of my house, digging quartz out of the tar in the road with my Dad’s best screwdriver.

Yeah, I got in trouble for that one.

Anyway, quartz is a super popular stone that is full of life and energy, both sorely missing from my current Minnesota winter. I think I gravitate toward the clearest of quartz stones on the cloudiest of days because I know it will sparkle even when there’s no sunshine.

My workbench is covered in different quartz right now; some with striking gold rutilation and others completely clear like ice





These lemon quartz stones were a serendipitous find, and I snapped them right up. SO PRETTY! I decided to put them on wires for earrings so that they would joyfully catch my eye in the mirror, but I like the way it looks as a solo pendant, too (you can’t go wrong either way). My smile feels a lot brighter when I wear these suns, and I know I’m feeling happier overall. Maybe it’s the positive energy vibes from the lemon quartz, maybe it’s the return of the actual sun, or maybe it’s just me. Doesn’t matter. Any way you look at it, I’m happy, and I love these little sparklies.

(check out the rainbow from this one!!)

I should mention that I don’t have a ton of them… they are in limited supply.

So, snag some sparkly lemon quartz sunshine sweetness for yourself before they are gone.


Earrings or pendant? Gold or Silver? I’ll make a little of each for this month’s featured item.


Shine on, Sunshines!


P.S.  If you are here in Mpls area and don’t want to pay for shipping, use the code MODERNWELL at checkout, and I’ll deliver your items to Modernwell for you to pick up ASAP.



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