A good friend’s daughter, Ora, recently graduated from college and is now headed toward her professional goal of becoming a doctor. I remember being in that gap/space between college and med school; I was full of questions, many of which I had to answer on faith alone. How would I afford the additional post graduate education? Was I even academically good enough to get into med school? How did I feel about embarking on a line of study that would take, at a minimum, another seven years to complete? Was this really what I wanted to do? And, the biggest question of all, what was I forgetting to ask?

Remembering my own worries from that time, I wanted to give this amazing young woman a graduation gift that would support her creative spirit while also lending strength for the adventure that (I know) awaits her. It took a while and a fair amount of mulching before I felt confident in my plan, and in the end, I decided that pyrite was a good choice. Known as “fool’s gold”, the stone is anything but foolish; it’s a powerful and lucky stunner.

I designed a pair of simple gold earring that dangle a little. She liked them, I liked them, and so I made a couple extra pairs in case you decide that you like them, too. You can find them HERE. I named the style Ora, which also happens to be the name of this amazing person. Ora means “light” in Hebrew, and she is definitely a light to all that know her. Love you, Ora! YOU GOT THIS!


Since I was already thinking so much about pyrite, I decided to create an I AMulet pendant with a corresponding affirmation, too (CLICK HERE). One of the things I really like about the I AMulet necklace design is that it’s super easy to move the stone pendants on and off the chain. Not only do I get to switch affirmations and intentions from time to time, I can also change the necklace’s appearance whenever I want to.

AND THEN, I remembered that I had a special strand of trillium shaped pyrite stones, too. I pulled them out and onto the bench to play with. In the end, I thought they looked lovely as earrings, and you can find them HERE.


There are so many stones that I want to work with and affirmations that I want to share with you. Going forward, my new plan is to spotlight a specific stone every month with a unique I AMulet pendant and affirmation. It’s a good challenge for me, and it will keep the necklace fresh and adaptable for you. For those who already have an I AMulet necklace, you can add these monthly charms to your intention toolkit if they call to you. If you don’t already have a full I AMulet, I’ll be sure to always offer the monthly stone as a complete necklace (eye/I charm, stone pendant, and chain), too. Don’t worry though, no matter what the featured item is, I’ll always have the original I AMulets available for purchase HERE.  And, as always, if you have any questions, or are looking for something specific, please contact me HERE to start a conversation!

Best wishes to you and those you hold close to your heart!


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