Welcome to October! In Minnesota, this month is full of brightly colored leaves, crisp cool mornings, and mosquito absent sunsets. The locals reluctantly put away their summer clothes and rummage in the closet for scarves, boots, and matching mittens. Personally, I’m happy to wear sweatshirts and sweaters, but I refuse to pack away my shorts until the temps are routinely under 45 degrees.

October also houses one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. I love the silly and spooky side of Halloween. We fill the house with home-imagined ghosties and bats, cobwebs and spiders; it’s a great distraction from the shorter days and colder nights. When my daughter was little, we made a ghostie chain out of Kleenex, cotton balls, and string. Every year we’d lengthen the chain by adding a few new spooky friends. It’s pretty cute, and rather long now.

Halloween is also a time when everything skull related shows up in stores and advertising. I know that skull themed items are not confined to the fall, but since they appeal to the dark and scary side of the holiday, they’re in larger supply around Halloween. I like skulls in general (must be the doctor in me) and often have these clear quartz skull necklaces in stock. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday I’ve also added some special stone skull pendants to the shop. I found these hand carved amethyst, lapis, and rutilated quartz pieces at my last pre-COVID Tucson Gem Show. Each skull, like the one on top of your own neck, is unique. I like to bring them to in-person events because they are so special. Unfortunately, shows aren’t an option any time soon, and so I decided Halloween was a great time to offer them to you online.

I think people are drawn to skulls in general because they symbolize strength, courage, transformation, and resilience. Skulls also remind us of our own mortality; even if you are scared, NOW is the time to take control of your life. I often wear a skull necklace for this jolt of courage, but sometimes I lean on the imagery as a protective talisman, too. The powerful nature of the skull can serve as a shield, blocking negative energy and harmful intentions.

This idea of courage led me to decide on October’s Spotlight Stone: CARNELIAN. Not only does carnelian have a warm orange color that blends into nature’s autumnal palette, it also brings a strong energy supporting courage and bravery.

We all need courage right now.

Socially, we remain in various stages of quarantine; working from home, schooling from the kitchen table, and simply trying to stay sane. We miss our lives from “the before times” and worry about how we will ever be able to reconnect in person when safely allowed to do so. I don’t know of one person on completely stable footing right now; we’re all lonely and out of sorts in some way. We need courage to face our fears of the unknown and move forward anyway with authenticity and compassion.

Politically, I know that I need courage every single day. I’m overwhelmed by the forces working against our democracy and basic human rights. I carry far too many what-ifs in the back of my head, just waiting for me to lose hope. And, if I do, I know they will paralyze me with doubt and dismay. But I won’t falter. It is beyond important that we stay focused for the upcoming election; there’s no room (nor time) for doubt or hesitancy or what-ifs.

Can a stone give someone this degree of courage? No. Can setting an intention every day to act courageously support those who feel weary and frightened?  Most certainly. Carnelian is a good choice for this I AM Courageous intention, and adding it to your I AMulet toolkit is timely. If you already wear an I AMulet, you can easily add a carnelian to your chain HERE. If you do not have an I AMulet yet, you can find both silver and gold options HERE.

I wish for you a safe and healthy October.


PS – If you aren’t already registered to vote, REGISTER! And if you are registered, why wait for November? VOTE NOW.

PPS – If you don’t wear a mask, DO! And if you do wear a mask, consider carrying a spare for those who “forget” their own.

PPPS – Even though we all feel alone right now, remember cooperation is the only way we will end this isolation.


Mask up.

Thank you.

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