Hello and welcome to March! The snow is disappearing quickly, the birds are chirping brightly, and I’m getting antsy. I can’t wait to go outside and dig in the dirt, lay in the sunshine, and breathe some fresh air that won’t freeze my nostril hairs.

Raw Aquamarine Hexagon Slices

I’m excited to share that this month’s spotlight stone is aquamarine. For the record, I DO try to choose stones that aren’t traditional birthstones, but I couldn’t help myself for March. I wrote a new intention statement for the I AMulet and aquamarine was a lovely fit. I also have some gorgeous gemstones that don’t look like what you think an aquamarine should look like; you needed to see them. I work hard to bring you unique stones and I think I did a great job of it this month. Check out the Limited Pieces section to see the aquamarines in the Ocean Drop Necklace as well as the Hexagon Slices. They’re nifty.

I AMulet Aquamarine Talisman Pendants

Folk often wonder what spurs me to pen new positive intention statements and how I go on to design corresponding I AMulet talisman pendants. Do I always have a specific crystal in mind when I write an affirmation? No, I don’t. It’s the affirmation that drives my stone choice, not the other way around. Each time I create a new pendant it’s a little different, but the general flow is the same. It starts from sensing an emotion that I think all of us are muddling through, and a desire to make something tangible to help detangle and make sense of those sentiments.  After that, I consider a couple affirmations, find a stone that harmonizes with the energy I’m aiming for, and write the intention statement.

As an example, let me walk you through how I built the affirmation and pendant for March’s new I AM Patient Aquamarine I AMulet Necklace.

Like everyone else in the world, I’m trying to navigate the monstrous hurricane called COVID. Currently, I think we’re in the eye of the storm, at a deceptively less chaotic point: vaccines are increasingly available; hospitalization rates are declining; businesses and schools are slowly reopening. But at the same time, the storm is not over: new viral strains are showing up; people aren’t being as diligent about COVID precautions (masks); and situational fatigue is growing. Friends and family keep telling each other they’re ok, but in truth, I don’t think anyone is really “ok”. It’s not that anyone is trying to be deceptive, we’re simply too overwhelmed to admit anything different.

I am antsy and hopeful and tired and anxious and drawn to identify affirmations that speak toward these feelings. I came up with a few, but here are the ones my brain and heart liked the most:

I AM Brave to keep looking forward and not let fear keep me from being hopeful.

I AM Patient while the vaccines are distributed and fatigue sets in.

I AM Calm when suspicion and anger flare around me.

Since I AM Brave is already an option in my I AMulet intention toolkit, and I AM Calm didn’t quite feel like it went deep enough for me, I landed on I AM Patient.

I AM Patient – Aquamarine I AMulet

Next I searched for a compatible stone and aquamarine emerged as the comfortable choice. This blue/green beauty brings a calm personality and a harmonizing go with the flow energy to tense situations. It also has a grounding presence, able to support you in the moment, even in the middle of dizzying events. AND for bonus points, it was March’s birthstone!

Voila! Affirmation and stone paired.

The last step in this three part process was to write an intention statement. This doesn’t take as long as the first two tasks because most of the work is spent flushing out what I’m feeling and how to find words and physical representation for those emotions.  By the time I marry an affirmation with a stone, the rest of the writing comes together pretty quickly.

That’s this month’s process story. What do you think? Drop me a note and let me know! Also, if there’s an affirmation or stone you’d like to see as a future I AMulet pendant, send your suggestion HERE.

As spring marches on, I will happily add an aquamarine to my I AMulet intention toolkit and know it will be a great addition to your collection, too. Now is the time to keep our eyes forward on the prize: the end of the pandemic and a renewal of personal connection. Being patient will enable us to keep our energy focused on the better days ahead.

Because there are better and brighter days ahead.

Ones filled with hugs and laughter and warmer temperatures.

Until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and be patient.

With love,


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