I bet you already know this about me, but in case you don’t – I like rocks. I’ve always liked rocks. It doesn’t matter where I go; I’ll likely find a rock somewhere, put it in my pocket, and bring it home. I’ve had this bring-a-rock-home habit for as long as I can remember. It may or may not be a problem.

One of my first rock memories is of the time I ruined my dad’s best screwdriver by digging out sparkly stones from the newly poured asphalt at the end of our driveway. I remember working diligently for hours to free two lovely quartz pieces. When I proudly showed Dad my treasures, well… um… let’s just say that he wasn’t as excited as I was. Nope. Not at all.

Then there was the time I begged Dad to let me buy an agate from the Flea Market Rock Man. The market was an event held in a dusty field close to my grandparents’ house every weekend during the summer. We only saw Grandma and Grandpa every couple of weeks, and it was a big deal when our visits overlapped with flea market hours. One lucky Saturday we arrived during market hours AND the Rock Man was there. I remember him having many, many sparkly rocks, including the most beautiful and shiny agate. The price was two dollars. That was above the one dollar limit I was given to spend for the day. But, after a solid performance of sad eyes and pleasepleasepleases, Dad gave in and handed me a second dollar bill. I carried that agate in my pocket all weekend, and for the record, I still have it. It was SO worth $2.


I recently read an essay (I can’t remember where) about how midlife is often a time of reflection, reinvention, and (for some) regret. The author suggested an exercise for folk in their 40s/50s, feeling lost and aimless in a career. Since I’m in that age range, and I’ve certainly had moments where I felt like the path in front of me wasn’t as clear as I’d like, I decided to give the exercise a try. It was super simple. Think about the activities you enjoyed most when you were five or six years old. Write them down. Your list is supposed to reveal the answer to your life/career questions; whatever you loved as a child is your true direction.

What did five year old Melissa love to do? What were her favorite things?  My Dad (a doctor), crafting, rocks, and swimming. How do these things compare to my life right now? Well, I went to medical school, I make stone jewelry, and I have a hot tub. Winning. The takeaway for me was that I’m on track and I don’t currently need a complete life path makeover. Most importantly, I learned that even though I feel lost from time to time, I shouldn’t freak out about it.

I’m feeling super introspective right now because May is my birthday month. In honor of the occasion, I’ve pulled out some really special stones to share with you. In true Gemini fashion I couldn’t settle on only one gem; I have two.  

The first is May’s birthstone, emerald. Associated with intuition, communication, mental clarity and self-love, emeralds have a calming nature that aids self-expression and understanding. I think these raw stones are stunning pendants. All are a beautiful shade of green, and some even have bits of darker striping. You can wear one of these emerald nuggets low over your heart or higher at the throat; either placement will feel comfortable and natural. To choose one for yourself and/or a friend, click HERE or choose Limited Pieces in the Shop menu at the top of this page.  

The second spotlight stone is clear quartz, a powerful and gorgeous gem. Known as the master crystal, clear quartz can amplify the power of any other nearby stone without absorbing bad energy or needing to be cleansed. With such a strong character in mind, I chose to pair this gem with the affirmation, I AM. These two short words are at the root of all affirmations and often the hardest for us to accept. We’re too good at saying “I’m not” instead of “I AM”. Choose one of these necklaces to create your own affirmation statement using the words you know your heart needs to hear. I AM powerful. I AM strong. I AM exactly where I need to be. I AM here. What words might you choose? Fill in the blank below and try saying your affirmation out loud:

I AM ______________.**

  You will find these amazing solo quartz pendant necklaces in two different sizes HERE (again, Gemini tendencies). I’m not currently offering an I AMulet Affirmation Necklace with clear quartz, but if you’d like to request one in either silver or gold, drop me a message HERE and I’ll gladly craft it for you. For those who already wear an I AMulet necklace and wish to add a clear quartz I AM talisman to your interchangeable stone pendant collection (aka the Intention Toolkit), I’ve made a few simple pendants for you to find HERE in the add-on section under “quartz”. All other currently available I AMulet Affirmation Necklace options can be found HERE or via the Shop menu at the top of this page.


Other newsy bits to share: I’ve recently started posting on Pinterest as @MelissaCMark. If you’re on Pinterest too, I would love a few new followers and repins. The platform is a HUGE learning curve for me, which I love. A big THANK YOU to Josie at Lucky Bee Creative for expert keyword research and awesome melissacmark pins.  With her help I’ve also started using Canva and Tailwind to post more often on IG, FB, and Pinterest. I’m trying to be more consistent and it’s a welcome challenge. Follow me on any of these platforms and watch me grow!


That’s it for now. If you are able, I invite you to take a few moments every day and walk outside for a slow count to five; close your eyes, wiggle your toes, and breathe deeply. I know it can be hard to find the space/time to simply stand still, but when you can, any small moment for grounding and gratitude will serve you well throughout the rest of your day. With love, Melissa **I’d love to hear the affirmations you create for yourself if you’re comfortable sharing. Send me a message/photo/both HERE, anytime.

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