Hello and welcome to my mid-October catch up! Unlike most makers who are already in full holiday market planning and production mode, I’m lagging a little behind because, um, October = Halloween, and I am easily distracted by Halloween. Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of the gory/scary/evil side to the holiday. Nope. I enjoy the fun-sized candy, friendly monsters, and imaginative costume parts that happen all month long.

From an October jewelry perspective, it’s all about the skull items in my collections. I do offer skull necklaces and earrings all year round, but in October I try to highlight them as well as other pieces that fit a Halloween holiday mood. You can find some tiny skull friends here, as well as other fabulous items here, here, and here. The best part of choosing one of these items is that you won’t want to put them away. Even when fall turns into winter, skull jewelry and silver/black/luminescent combos are always in style.

Recent September Market News:

I had a great time seeing everyone at the St. Louis Park Art Fair and Sociable Cider Werks events. The weather was GORGEOUS both days, and for that I am eternally grateful. This was my first year at St. Louis Park Art Fair and it really was a joy to set up in the neighborhood and have local SLP folk stop by my table. Thank you! Sociable CiderWerks is always a great spot to visit, too – it’s chill, dog friendly, and a fun spot for friends to get together.

I AMulet® News:

If you’ve been contemplating an I AM Clear – 2022 Special Edition Lapis Lazulipendant for your chain, there are only a couple months left to grab one. I’m in the thick of preparing the 2023 gemstone pendant (so excited!) and it will take Lapis’ place on the website starting 1/1/2023. I will offer I AMulet® Lapis Lazuli pendants at in-person events until they’re gone though, and you can always send me a message to see what I have left.

Upcoming Holiday Plans:

I have some.All kidding aside, I’ve been putting together a calendar for you with both larger and smaller venues. It’s not complete and final yet, and there may be a couple more dates to add, but I wanted to let you know what I’m currently planning so that you’ll come by and say hello! I promise to update you if/when there are additions to my schedule.

Btw, if you know of a market I should consider, please let me know. Local artists depend on word of mouth to find new venues, and even if your suggestion isn’t a good fit for me, it might be for another artist and I can pass the info along to them. Thank you in advance!

As always, I am grateful for you and your continued support of me and my work. Drop me a note anytime at hello@melissacmark.com, especially if you plan to come to an event; I’ll keep an eye out for you!

Be well-

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