I recently participated in a workshop to make my very first vision board. It was hosted by the amazing Jasna Bursa and held at my coworking space, Modernwell. What an experience! There were more than 70 people at the event, all of us flipping though magazines and on the hunt for images and words that represented our goals for the next year. Honestly, I think I did more talking to sister participants than I did page turning and image clipping. There’s something magical about sharing your plans and dreams with someone who has absolutely no stake in whether you succeed or not – it’s an incredibly freeing and positive experience. There was no judgement, only a true desire to listen, understand, and encourage another human being along their life journey.

I’m dreaming big, friends.

And so it is.


Cool Thing Alert!

If you’ve ever wondered how a family practice doctor could ever become a jewelry designer, you may want to check out my recent intereview article with Canvas Rebel. I’m pretty honest about how I got here, and I was honored to be asked to share my story.


New Sparklies & Val/Gal/Palentine’s Day 

February is a fun month to be a maker for many reasons, including:

– Heart shaped stones: folk expect them around Val/Gal/Palentine’s day, and I love using this shape at baseline.

– Amethyst: Um… PURPLE ROCKS? Yes, please! Amethyst is a favorite gemstone for everyone to work with.

If you put my love of heart shapes and amethyst stones together, you’ll understand why I created these new designs: a three stone pendant necklace, hoop drop earrings, and a special edition I AMulet® talisman pendant. I’ve been saving these heart shaped amethysts for this month, and I’m excited to finally share them with you!

Amethyst Heart I AMulet Pendant

Two other very special options that I’ve been saving for you until right now are  these Puffy Heart Stone Pendant and Meteorite Pendant necklaces. I discovered both materials at gemstone markets and couldn’t resist them, especially the meteorites. Space rocks are COOL!

Puffy Heart Stone Pendant Necklaces

Finally, you’ll see that I’ve brought back some of the most popular items from February 2022:  Ruby Slice Necklaces, You Are My Sunshine Lemon Quartz pieces, and the colorful Bee Mine Earrings. I updated the Bee Mines with a hoop setting option, too. I love them and already snagged a pink pair for myself.


I recently sent out a short questionnaire to those of you on my email list. If you never got an email and would like to be in the loop gong forward, you can sign up at the very bottom of the Melissa C Mark website home page. I’ve been considering a very part-time fixed shop location and the responses I received were super helpful and affirming in my deliberations. THANK YOU! I will wait on having a regular location/date/time for jewelry browsing (for now), and continue with occasional drop in “pop up” events at my retail partner locations, and Mpls Craft Market’s local makers events.

Where are those retail parters, you might ask: I’m happy to tell you! You can find my work locally in Minneapolis at Serge + JaneModernWell, and The Yoga Center Retreat, and in Middletown, CT at Malloves Jewelry!

And speaking of local markets, my first in person event for 2023 is on the calendar! I’ll be at Minneapolis Craft Market’s Nighttime Valentine’s Market – February 10th 6-10 pm at The Machine Shop. Register for FREE TICKETS HERE. There’ll be food, drink, and amazing makers to visit. Drop me a message if you think you might swing by and I’ll keep an eye out for you.


As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for your support; I do not take your good energy and wishes for granted.

In gratitude-

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