A Winter’s Eve Necklace


If you go to the About Me page of this website, you’ll read a short story about the Biwa pearl necklace Dad gave Mom on their honeymoon. Mom later chose to give it to me and it’s one of my favorites; I’ve worn it almost every day during quarantine.

As summer 2020 comes to an end, I’ve decided to re-imagine that necklace as a way to get ready for the impending Minnesota winter. This necklace feels much different from the golden original. I used a dark oxidized silver chain with clear crisp CZ gems for a striking and bold appearance. I love it.

I think it screams confidence, and wearing it makes me feel kinda badass.

How about you?

(The photo with the golden necklace is for comparison only. It’s not for sale.)



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3mm clear CZ, oxidized sterling silver chain.

16″ in length.

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