Amethyst Skull Necklace


Wearing an amethyst stone skull can be a potent talisman for safety.

Yes, I know the skull often symbolizes danger. And, at first glance, you’d think that amethyst’s calming safety vibe runs contradictory to these little fellows. But, I’d like to argue that when you see a skull label on harmful activities, places, or substances, the image is actually providing you with safety and protection.

I’m including a heavy 3mm stainless steel ball chain with each pendant as a way to add strength and substance to the necklace’s message of protection and safety.


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Each amethyst skull is approximately 3/4-1″ in size with a silver plated setting.

Because each skull is hand carved, it may vary in shape, size, and color from the ones pictured above. Small inclusions are also normal for natural stones, further adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

18″ stainless steel ball chain included.

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Weight1 oz

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