I Am Patient – Aquamarine I AMulet



Aquamarine provides the calm and steady energy that patience demands to stay focused, determined, and confident. In frustrating times, be patient and don’t give up! Your moment to shine is close at hand!

This blue/green beauty brings a calm personality and a harmonizing go with the flow energy to tense situations. It also has a grounding presence, able to support you in the moment, even in the middle of dizzying events. AND for bonus points, it is March’s birthstone!

If you already have an I AMulet necklace (eye/I charm and chain) and want to add an aquamarine pendant, head over to the Add-On listing to find one (and others!).

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Each I AMulet necklace includes one Eye/I charm, one stone pendant, and an 18″ ball chain. Additional stone pendants may be purchased separately at any time to add new affirmations to your I AMulet and expand your collection. 

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium, exact stone colors and patterns may vary from the images shown.

Two raw aquamarine nuggets with either sterling silver or gold filled finishes. Pendant approximately 1" in total length.

1/2″ hand stamped sterling silver or gold filled disc.

18″ sterling silver or gold filled ball chain.

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Sterling Silver, 14k Gold Filled

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