Pyrite Trillium Earrings


While pyrite may be known as fool’s gold, it certainly does NOT bring you foolish energy! It’s a great negative energy buster, with a golden color that radiates positivity.

Traditionally, this beautiful stone is associated with good luck, wealth and prosperity. Pyrite also provides you the strength and support to move through any obstacles that get in your way creatively, personally, and professionally.

I fell in love with the shape of these pyrite stones and how the light bounced off of the trillium cut’s facets. I designed the earrings to be dangly which makes them look super sparkly. You can wear them dressed up or in your jammies.

How do I wear them? With my jammies. What can I say?

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Approx 1/2″ trillium shaped pyrite stones suspended from gold filled wire.

Earring hangs approximately 1″ in total length.

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Weight2 oz

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