Hard to believe that 2018 is almost in the rear-view mirror, isn’t it? When they tell you that life goes by faster with age, believe them (and if you figure out who “them” refers to, let me know. The curiosity is overwhelming). It’s really sobering, actually… this fast life thing… I don’t like it. And, to make things even worse, my social media footprint has pigeonholed me into a peculiar sort of midlife crisis hell, suggesting links to essays about the bittersweet aging of children and the heartbreaking loss of parents. It’s depressing. I know all too well that the future holds these events in store for me; I don’t need the reminders.

What can I say on this New Year’s Eve except… I’m a little afraid of 2019.

Have you ever been afraid of the new year?

Not like I have a choice in the matter.

Or that the alternative is more desirable.

And, I’m not really depressed about it, but I do feel the need to be honest. Life in the middle isn’t all rosy, nor is it completely bleak. The happy bits (thus far) have outnumbered the sad ones, and I expect it to stay that way. As my dad always says, “Every day is a good day, Peanut. Some days are just gooder than others”.

He’s so right.

2018 was a big year for me. I went full steam ahead on a new business. I hired a web-designer to make my online shop beautiful and functional. I applied for (and received) copyrights on my logo and screw-u designs. I was a vendor at four art fairs and three pop-ups. I survived my daughter’s transition to high school. I celebrated 21 years of marriage. I supported my parents through changes in levels of care. I made new friendships. I exercised more days out of the week than not. I loved. I laughed. I cried. All in all, quite a year.

So, if 2018 wasn’t a total bust, maybe I shouldn’t be so scared of 2019. Sure, it’ll be a rollercoaster again, but that’s ok. I’m learning and growing and loving and BEing, and that’s really the best anyone can ask for, don’t you think?

I’d like to say one thing about that “learning” bit. I was recently asked if I had any advice/tips for someone choosing to focus on creativity or starting/growing a small business in 2019. I was floored and thought, “why are you asking me? I’m still a super-newbie myself… what could I possibly offer in advice?” But the more I thought about it, I did have a few good tidbits to share. Here are two for your 2019 considerations:

– You know all those “overnight success” stories? Yeah… they’re not true. Real success never happens overnight – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. And even though the pace can be frustrating, the slow climb is important. Every step builds on the previous one; the journey is important. Honest. It is.

– No one will ever believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. Do your work. You gotta believe in YOU! (This one is super important. I’m still working on taking it to heart.)

So, here’s to the slow climb in 2019. May each of your days be good-er than the last.


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