I AMuleT

The I amulet necklace

What are you focusing on right now in your life?

Resilience? Courage? Bravery? Gratitude? Joy?


An I AMulet necklace combines the power of positive intention with

the ancient evil eye symbol to support a healthier YOU!


Ok. I can hear you now:

How can an I AMulet do that? What makes this necklace so special?

The answer is simple – the I AMulet necklace is special because YOU choose to wear it.


Your I AMulet will have two parts:

A stone pendant that carries a harmonizing energy for an I AM affirmation.


An evil eye amulet to symbolically repel antagonizing forces and weaken perceived obstacles.

When you look closely at the evil eye amulet, you’ll notice that I included the word I in the design. Why? To represent the importance of YOUR energy and intention, and to serve as a conscious reminder that YOU are always the one in charge of your life.


We both know that life is never a straight path; it winds along, always full of new challenges and adventures. Because you will likely want to change affirmations and intentions over time, I’ve created each I AMulet to adapt right along beside you. All stone pendants are handcrafted to easily slip on and off of the necklace chain, allowing you to add or change them whenever you want to shift your focus or look for extra affirmational support.  


Just like each of us, no two I AMulets are ever the same.

Which intention will you choose today?

Many I AMulets are available in gold fill or sterling silver. Custom inquiries are always welcome!

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