Beautiful Necklaces with Timeless Design

Melissa is known for finding exceptional stones: labradorites with flashes of color, fluorites in purples and greens, and moonstones with heavenly luminescence. She appreciates her knack for finding what she calls “personality crystals”; natural stones that elicit an emotional response from a comforting inner glow or joyful sparkle.

Showcasing a classic style, Melissa chooses to create necklaces and pendants with a minimalistic aesthetic. Because she values a stone’s color, pattern, and texture, Melissa fashions her settings to offer each stone without distraction.

On this page you will find solo pendants with a breathtaking beauty and charm. As with many of Melissa’s other jewelry pieces, if you find a necklace that calls to you, best to nab it sooner rather than later! Many of these items are limited in quantity, a hazard of working with unique and natural gems.

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