Frequently Asked Questions

Why wear an I AMulet®?

To overcome limiting beliefs and foster self-agency. 

Throughout my medical school years, my dad was one of my most trusted mentors. One of his many shared knowledge pearls was that it would never matter how smart I was, where I trained, or what current medicines and treatments I could offer. If my patient was weighed down by limiting beliefs or without a sense of self-agency, I would never truly be able to improve their health or wellbeing.

Of course, limiting beliefs and self-agency are not concepts unique to a health care setting. Outside of the doctor-patient relationship, I often wondered how could help others empower themselves. That’s when I first visualized the I AMulet®, a personal and wearable means to direct energy and address limiting beliefs with positive affirmations and empowering scripts.

What are Limiting Beliefs and Self Agency?

Limiting beliefs are negative internal scripts we inflict upon ourselves because of fear, shame, or past experiences. They are the statements, opinions, and feelings that hold us back from our goals and dreams.

Self agency is the sense that your actions matter and have impact on future circumstances or experiences. Without self agency it’s very hard to feel in charge or in control of your life.

What’s the meaning behind the I AMulet® Eye/I charm?

The Eye is an ancient and protective good luck symbol that will boomerang any negative energy placed upon you back onto the original sender.

The circle charm’s stamped “I” represents self agency. It is important to remember (and far too easy to forget) that YOU are the one in charge and in control of your life.


Each circle charm is intentionally stamped with the Eye and I symbols together in the shape of a lower case letter i to honor the Rule of Three; It’s an Eye- I – i I AMulet.

Why are the I AMulet® gemstone talisman pendants interchangeable?

An interchangeable pendant design allows you to arrange and rearrange your I AMulet however and whenever you wish. I compose affirmations and intention statements to harmonize with a large selection of natural gemstones so that you can find the talisman pendants that best address YOUR limiting beliefs.


I often will wear more than one talisman pendant at a time, but never more than three. Wearing more than three pendants at once brings a increaased risk of the chain breaking.

What metals do you use in your jewelry? How do I care for them?

I primarily use sterling silver and gold filled materials. Please check individual item descriptions for specific information.

  • Sterling Silver is a combination of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% other metals (including copper) for hardness. Rub with a soft cloth to remove tarnish. Sterling (rose) Silver is a combination of 90-92.5% fine silver with a little bit more copper added in to create the pinkish, rosy hue. Like sterling silver, sterling (rose) silver will tarnish. To restore the rosy luster, simply rub with a soft cloth to remove light surface tarnish. Oxidized Silver is already tarnished sterling silver. If you want to keep oxidized jewelry looking black, you don’t have to do anything. Polishing oxidized items will remove the tarnish/black color. Oxidized silver can sometimes leave its dark color on skin or fabrics. While this is something to consider, it’s not a reason (IMHO) to avoid oxidized silver; the striking color is addictive.
  • Gold Filled jewelry has layers of 14k gold (at least 5% by weight) fused to an underlying brass metal core. This material will wear like real gold, at a much more affordable price. Gold filled jewelry will eventually tarnish if the fused layer wears down, but that takes a long time to happen (even longer if you don’t get your gold filled jewelry wet or expose it to harsh chemicals). Gold Plated items have a minuscule whiff of gold (less than 0.05% by weight) brushed onto the underlying brass. The layer is not fused to the core metal, and the gold color often rubs off quickly. I rarely use gold plated materials. Both gold filled and gold plated items can be cleaned with a soft cloth.
  • Titanium or Niobium: Groovy metals that are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and won’t tarnish. Clean with soft cloth.
Is the I AMulet® nickel free?

Everything I make is nickel free. If a sourced component isn’t nickel free, I will say so in the item’s description. 

Are your materials ethically sourced?

I work hard to know where my materials come from and purchase everything as close to the primary source as possible. My handcut stones are mainly sourced from independent lapidaries via custom order. All stainless steel chains and findings are made in the USA, while other metal components come from wholesale companies who (to the best of my knowledge) stand behind their own sources.

How long is an 18" necklace?

Here are a couple of diagrams to give you an idea of chain lengths. Check item descriptions for specifics

Are you a crystal expert?

No. I’m a medical doctor, not a crystal expert. I undertook my own self-directed education on gemstone personalities and energy to compose each stone talisman’s unique affirmation and empowerment script. The words may be mine, but it’s your energy and intention that makes an I AMulet® uniquely yours.

Why do you make jewelry with a Screw-U rebus?

After the release of the all-female cast Ghostbusters movie, my daughter asked for a Screw-U necklace like the one worn by the character, Holtzmann. I ran with the challenge and designed a necklace she could wear without getting into bad trouble. You’ll notice that like the I AMulet® Eye/I charm, I don’t blacken this design; the jewelry makes a strong statement without having to be visually loud. Every Screw-U piece oozes confidence and encourages good trouble.

If you have other questions you’d like me to answer, or think should be on this FAQ page, please contact me here.

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