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Jewelry with Meaning, Worn with Intention

Melissa is a Jewelry Designer who is also a Family Physician. While in clinical practice she became increasingly aware of how often limiting beliefs got in the way of her patients’ overall levels of health and wellness. To help people to overcome these roadblocks and feel empowered in their health care decisions, Melissa came to realize that she needed to look for care options outside the confines of a standard, western medical paradigm.

Enter her idea for the I AMulet®, an intention necklace that helps to address the limiting beliefs preventing you from realizing and embracing the power you have over your own life path.

What makes the I AMulet design special is how Melissa draws from her knowledge and experiences as a healer to compose affirmations and intention statements directed toward the limiting beliefs people hold close. She pairs these writings with the harmonizing energy of gemstones to create meaningful pendants for I AMulet necklaces. With an interchangeable necklace design, each person can style their I AMulet to best address their unique situation; it’s a piece that can change over time and grow with each person. Currently the I AMulet has over 25 different affirmation/pendant options.

Melissa finds great joy in helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and take charge of their lives. When wearing an I AMulet, they take an active role in that process.

In addition to I AMulets, Melissa offers small unique collections of natural gemstone earrings and necklaces, all of which she crafts by hand at her workbench overlooking Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis. Leaning toward a simple and classic style, Melissa always using natural stones and ethically sourced materials for their beauty and energy.

If you are curious about her life outside of this site, you can visit her intermittent writings on Peanutmark.com.

You can also find Melissa on Instagram at @melissacmark and Facebook @MelissaCMark

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