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Jewelry with Meaning, Worn with Intention

Do you ever wear a piece of jewelry to remind yourself of a specific emotion or moment in time? 

I do. All the time.


While some people might dismiss jewelry as simply superficial decoration, I have always considered it as a way to keep treasured emotions and memories tangible and close. The mindful wearing of a necklace or pair of earrings can be personal, powerful, and intimate.

I’ll share an example with you.

When I was 13, my mother gave me a simple Biwa pearl necklace that had been a honeymoon gift from my father. She offered it as something I could wear whenever I felt nervous or unsure. I was an awkward teen; a little too smart and a little too round. I wore that necklace all the time, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. Whenever I wear the necklace now, I think of how much my parents loved each other… and me. 

That’s the kind of jewelry I like wear, and what I want to create for you.

I started designing pieces more than (cough) 30 years ago in college, and never completely stopped. I suppose I should also share that while I love this work, it’s not my first calling; I am also a family doctor. In 2017 I figured out a way to combine my passion as a healer with my love for making jewelry, created the I AMulet necklace, and the rest is history.

What else should I tell you? I live in Minneapolis with my husband, daughter, two guinea pigs, and one super sassy goldfish. If you are curious about other parts of my life outside of this site, come check out my personal blog at Peanutmark.com.  You can also follow me on Instagram at @melissacmark and Facebook @MelissaCMark.

BTW, I’d love to see you with your Melissa C Mark jewelry out in the real world! If you would, please post a picture of yourself and tag @melissacmark on either IG or FB for me (and maybe the world) to see!

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