Stone Skull Necklaces


I found these handcarved amethyst, lapis, and rutilated quartz pieces at my last pre-COVID Tucson Gem Show. Each skull, like the one on top of your own neck, is unique. I like to bring them to in-person events because they are so special. Unfortunately, shows aren’t an option any time soon, and so I decided Halloween was a great time to offer them to you online.

I think people are drawn to skulls in general because they symbolize strength, courage, transformation, and resilience. Skulls remind us of our own mortality; that despite one’s fear, NOW is the time to take control of your life and do what must be done. I not only wear a skull necklace for courage, but also as a protection talisman. The powerful nature of the skull serves as a shield, blocking negative energy and harmful intentions.

I’m including an aluminum 2mm ball chain with the amethyst skull, and a gunmetal colored 2mm stainless steel ball chain with the lapis and rutilated quartz ones. I think the different metal chains add to the strong vibe of each pendant.



Each stone skull is approximately 3/4-1″ in size with a silver plated setting.

Because each skull is hand carved, it may vary in shape, size, color, or pattern from the ones pictured above. Small inclusions are also normal for natural stones, further adding to the uniqueness of each piece.

24″ aluminum steel ball chain included with amethyst skull.

24″ gunmetal colored stainless steel ball chain included with lapis and rutilated quartz skulls.

Additional information

Weight2 oz

Amethyst, Lapis, Rutilated Quartz

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