Good bye 2021. You wanted to fix everything that went wrong in 2020. I know you did. But 20’s legacy was too heavy a load to carry and even the most amazing and fruitful year would have had a tough time. Truthfully, I think you did raise our spirits a little bit, and while I am grateful for that kindness, I know it will take the efforts of many more years to address even a fraction of 2020’s fallout.

Some of the effects will linger forever.

I’m not trying to be a downer; just honest.

Honesty. That’s my Word for 2022. It’s not that I’m a DIShonest person, but I know I wasn’t as truthful with myself in 2021 as I could have been. I chose to believe that getting vaccinated would be the magic antidote to everything that went wrong in 2020. I even picked Unstoppable as a guiding word for 2021; another nod toward the optimistic outline I excitedly sketched for the new year. But of course 2021 was never solely mine to design, and I chose to ignore that fact.

Each time I develop an I AMulet gemstone talisman pendant, my process starts with a niggling craving in my heart for a new affirmation. It can take a while for me to find the right words to describe what I’m looking for, but once I do, I can start researching the folklore, history, and background of different stones for an appropriate energy match.
Sometimes the process goes quickly, and sometimes it doesn’t.
Choosing the 2022 stone and writing its corresponding affirmation was an example of the latter timeframe. It took a while for me to identify what I was craving for the new year.
The extra time was worth it though, trust me.


Lapis Lazuli – I AM Clear

Are you distracted by indecision and uncertainty? Speak honestly to yourself and trust your intuition. Allow this stone’s bright hue to clear your vision and strengthen your voice.

Loved by royalty and common folk alike for centuries, Lapis is easily identified by its unmistakable bright blue color. Sometimes you’ll find specimens with embedded gold pyrite flecks, bringing beauty as well as extra luck and fortune to the wearer. Energetically, Lapis is associated with wisdom, insight, and communication, making it a solid match for both the new I AMulet affirmation, I AM Clear, as well as my own 2022 Word, Honesty.

Lapis represents a chunk of what I wish for everyone in 2022 – clarity of vision, clearness of voice, and honesty with yourself. Bonus points for the gorgeous blue color, don’t you agree? A little extra geek footnote: I’ve purposely designed two different shaped pendants for you, a block nugget and a stack of three stones. The block serves as a reminder that being honest with yourself is a foundational block for clarity, and the stack is to represent the importance of clarity in understanding one’s past, present, and future. Both pendants are lovely, meaning-full, and I think you will love them on your I AMulets.

Here’s to you and yours for 2022! I look forward to writing this sort of post again NEXT New Year’s Eve. I wonder what will be the stone for 2023?

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