Have you ever chosen a word for the new year? It’s meant to be an intention setting activity that serves a similar purpose as New Year’s resolutions, only more open ended and adaptable across situations. Resolutions are firm statements such as: I will go to bed earlier, I will stop eating cookies (NEVER!), or I will not gossip. Hard statements like these are difficult to honor long term because they don’t allow for any wiggle room, and humans wiggle. Choosing a word allows you to frame any changes you make as part of a larger theme.

The first new year word I ever chose was 2020’s FOCUS. I thought it was clever – 20/20 vision, focus… get it? Of course, there was more backstory to the word than only the cute pun. Looking through the retrospectoscope, it didn’t quite take on the direction I thought it would. I hoped FOCUS would help me to stay on track with my jewelry business and be better at keeping distractions to a minimum. It did do that, but the addition of COVID led to A LOT of focusing on the minutiae of life during quarantine. I was online all the time, bouncing from Twitter and the news to business analytics to Instagram and Facebook, then back to the news, and then to Tik Tok and back to the news…. You know, I think I did all my focusing while doomscrolling on my PHONE.

But that’s a topic for another day.

ANYWAY, when I chose FOCUS for 2020 I also started wearing a fluorite (I AM Focused) I AMulet® pendant on my chain for maximum intention setting reinforcement. It helped quite a bit with my mindset. In 2021 I chose the word LEAP and slipped a citrine (I AM Unstoppable) on my I AMulet® chain, and last year I chose the word Honesty and switched the citrine for a lapis lazuli (I AM Clear). Finding an I AMulet® pendant and affirmation to reinforce my chosen word has been a helpful way to keep intention goals close at hand in my thoughts.

For 2023 my word is now. with a lowercase n and a period at the end of the word. The appearance of the word is important for me, too. I decided to use a lowercase n to represent a quiet, solid, and grounded sort of now, and not a showcase-ish Now or exclamatory NOW! It’s a rising up from the depths of myself kind of now. I added the period at the end of the word to lend even more weight and determination to the meaning.

Living life in the present is my overarching goal for 2023. If the past two years have taught me anything, it’s that paying attention to what is going on around you now. and attending to it now. is the best way to plan for tomorrow. Waiting leads to worry, and worry keeps you from enjoying and attending what’s right in front of you.
Bottom line? Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

I choose now.

But enough about my word. What’s yours? Send me an email or message me on IG or FB. Inquiring minds want to know!

BTW, the new year is a perfect and meaning-full time to add a new I AMulet® talisman pendant to your chain. Choosing a new stone/affirmation combo for yourself is an easy and helpful way to keep your new intentions close at hand and at the front of your thoughts.

If you’ve already chosen a specific I AMulet® gemstone talisman to complement your 2023 word, which one is it? I’m always interested to hear how you use, wear, and arrange I AMulet® talisman pendants to manifest your plans and goals. To that end, I’ve set up the hashtag #myiamulet for you to share photos of yourself and your I AMulet®. For Facebook people, I don’t have a specific hashtag, but you are always welcome to post to my page


Malachite is a gorgeous stone easily recognizable by its green and striped appearance. Known as a transformative stone, Malachite has a way of exposing the pieces/people/places that are no longer of service to you and invite change into those parts of your life that will bring happiness and success. Malachite also has an ability to pull negativity into itself, providing protection and safety to the wearer. As a result, some say that the stone needs to be “cleansed” from time to time, either by water or in pairings with a master crystal such as quartz. I choose to wear mine with a quartz talisman (I AM Joyful) for exactly this reason.

As the Special Edition I AMulet® stone, I’ve paired Malachite with the affirmation I AM Bold. Because this gemstone is such a strong negativity neutralizer and agent for change, It allows you to focus beyond any worry for the future or regret of the past and set your vision instead on the present moment with excitement and determination. The green color also adds to malachite’s energy for fostering new beginnings and transformation.

I’ve spent months searching for the right stones for these special I AMulet® pendants, and am excited to initially offer you two differently shaped options, the coin and the sphere. Both pendants have beautifully striped patterns, and like all other I AMulet® talismans, each individual stone is completely unique from the next. If you already wear an I AMulet® and would like to add 2023’s special malachite gemstone talisman to your collection, you can find both shaped options HERE. If you are looking for the full Malachite I AMulet® necklace, click HERE to be directed to the complete necklace option.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support! I am grateful for your patronage and presence. Here’s to you an amazing new year! May 2023 be full of forward momentum and happiness for everyone!


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