Recently, I shared plans to shift my creative efforts from many different gemstone designs onto the I AMulet® intention necklace, alone. It’s not that I don’t enjoy creating necklaces and earrings – I do. But, sharing I AMulet® necklaces with you gives me the opportunity to be of service outside of an exam room and combine what I love most about being a doctor with my ongoing creative efforts.

And so I think it’s time for a quick Q&A style reintroduction to the necklace that started me on this jewelry adventure with you!

What is an I AMulet?

The I AMulet is a necklace with interchangeable gemstone pendants, worn to challenge limiting beliefs and foster self-agency.

What is a Limiting Belief?

Limiting beliefs are the default false scripts we inflict upon ourselves because of fear, shame, or past experiences. They are the statements, opinions, and feelings that ultimately hold you back from whatever it is you want, and they follow a predictable pattern:

I can’t meet new people because I know I’ll say something stupid.

I’ll never get that job because I’m not as qualified as they think I am.

I could never try yoga because I’m too clumsy and I’ll make a fool of myself.

I’ll never find someone to love me because I am broken beyond repair.

I can’t be/do/try ________ because I’m ________.

I know you know what I’m talking about.

What is Self Agency?

Self agency is the feeling that you are the one in charge and control of your life; that your actions matter and will have impact on future circumstances and experiences. Self agency feels impossible when you are burdened by limiting beliefs.

How can a necklace possibly help me with limiting beliefs and self agency?

The I AMulet provides an easily accessible method of calling out your limiting beliefs for the falsehoods they are. By matching the interchangeable gemstone pendants’ empowering affirmations to your own set of challenges, you will customize your I AMulet and address the negative internal scripts that limit you. The I AMulet design is meant to be fluid, allowing you to change gemstone pendant arrangements whenever you want to; it’s a necklace built over time.

How do I start building an I AMulet? Where do I begin?

There are three ways to initially style an I AMulet, in store, in person, or online.

In Store – In Mpls, there are limited supplies of I AMulets at Yoga Center Retreat and ModernWell. In Connecticut, you’ll find a full I AMulet styling experience at Malloves Jewelers of Middletown.

In Person — I always bring a full complement of gemstone pendants with me to events for a full styling experience. Follow me on IG or FB or HERE to find upcoming local in person events, or you can always reach out to me directly at hello@melissacmark.

On this website — Click HERE to see the currently available I AMulets online. When you’re ready to add additional gemstone pendants to your chain, head back to melissacmark.com again to find them a la carte. Most folk start with one pendant and then return to add new gemstones and affirmations to their collection. Every month or two I feature a special I AMulet and pendant from the collection, so the offerings do change.

And speaking of special offerings, the current special I AMulet is related to gratitude…

The Turquoise I AMulet – I AM Lucky

Good luck comes to those who recognize and acknowledge the abundance of positive energy surrounding them. Hold this turquoise and see yourself as successful, capable, and full of energy.

Why did I choose to spotlight turquoise?

In April I undertook a month long self guided program on gratitude. Every day I completed a short exercise, including the journaling of 10 things I am grateful for. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s far too easy to get caught up in the mindset of only acknowledging what’s going wrong or what needs fixing. Taking the time to recognize and give thanks for the things that ARE going right can shift your perspective and lift your mood tremendously!

There are two turquoise pendant style options for you to consider:

Style A is a smaller turquoise nugget with sterling silver finishes. This style is only available in sterling silver.

Style B is a larger Fox Mine turquoise nugget and is available in either gold filled or sterling silver finishes.

The Turquoise I AMulet will be available through the end of June, after which I’ll take it off the website and choose a new gemstone to share with you.

As always, thank you for your continued good wishes and support. One item that shows up on my morning gratitude list with regularity is YOU – honest. I am extremely grateful for you.

Be well,


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