Welcome New Year! With the turning of the clock, it’s now time to make plans, dream big, and start from a clean slate. Honestly, you can do that ANY day of the year, but the allure of starting on the very first day is pretty good, don’t you think?

A new year also means that it’s time to expand the I AMulet gemstone pendant collection with a new stone and affirmation!

As a quick review, here’s the list of previous year’s stones and affirmations:

2020 – Fluorite – I AM Focused
2021 – Citrine – I AM Unstoppable
2022 – Lapis – I AM Clear
2023 – Malachite – I AM Bold

I’m often asked how I create a new pendant. Good question. It’s not a rigid outlined process, but it almost always starts with a sudden awareness of a repeated theme in the limiting beliefs voiced by the people around me. After that, I’ll search for a gemstone that possesses an energy and history relevant to this shared limiting belief. Once I have the new stone set, I’ll spend time (usually months) finding the right raw materials and crafting the affirmation and empowerment script that will resonate with the heart and mind.

So, what did I witness in 2023? An endless supply of emotionally heavy information 24/7 that kept folk in a state of hypervigilant overload, feeling perpetually off balance, and without a clear sense of direction or time. People felt scattered, tired, and overwhelmed with decision fatigue.

It took a while for me to find a stone that I thought could speak to these observations, and in the end, here’s why I chose this particular stone for the new year:

  1. Because 2024 is already shaping up to be a transformational year for everyone, and this stone is known for being helpful in navigating change. 
  2. When emotions are at their highest and most labile, this grounding stone has a knack for inviting in balance and stability.
  3. When incoming information is scattered and emotionally charged, its energy can also help to focus your attention to the important issue at hand.
  4. Because I believe its energy will help you to trust your own strength and power in stressful and persistent situations, especially ones requiring tolerance, negotiation, and perseverance for resolution.

And so, without further ado I present to you…


And to launch this new stone, I present two tiger eye style options for you to choose from: a sphere and a nugget. Both are polished, light in weight, and have the magical sheen that tiger eye is known for. If you’ve not started your I AMulet journey, this would be a strong first choice. If you DO already wear an I AMulet, you can add a tiger’s eye pendant via the a la carte page, HERE.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this new I AMulet talisman pendant; I hope you resonate with the stone and the affirmation/intention!


Other News and Ongoings

Office Hours Shop/Schmooze: Starting in FEBRUARY, I will resume my Office Hours at Modernwell from 1-4p on the FIRST and THIRD Tuesdays of the month. Stop by to build or add to an I AMulet, see what new stones I have in stock, or just catch up. I enjoy being able to sit and visit with you outside of large market settings!


Finally, a word of GRATITUDE for your support throughout 2023. It’s been a tough year for small makers and businesses across the board, and you’ve helped me to not only survive, but to GROW. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Best wishes to you and yours for 2024!


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