Hello February – a highly anticipated month for jewelry makers because of the celebratory sparklies stereotypically gifted on Valentine’s Day.
Honestly, I don’t think you have to buy someone gifts to express that you see and appreciate them. In fact, it’s probably best to simply tell the really important people in your life how you feel throughout the year and not on only February 14. That said, if you’re going to do it, a Valentine’s Day greeting or gift is always an easy and convenient way to convey your feelings, and handcrafted jewelry pieces are always a thoughtful gifting choice!
If you’ve been considering some Melissa C. Mark handcrafted sparklies for your Pal/Gal/Valentines or yourself, I’ve put together a number of gifting options for you on www.melissacmark.com,
Here are also a few photos and links to spark your interest:

BEE MINEBee Earrings or Honeybee Necklace

YOU ARE LOVED –  Rose Quartz Collection, Golden Edged Ruby Necklace, Pearl Earrings

YOU’RE OUT OF THIS WORLD – Meteorite necklaces or Star and Moon earrings

I AMulet® News

By request, I’ve brought back the  Heart Shaped Amethyst I AMulet pendant for the month of February. Paired with the affirmation I AM Safe, choosing to wear an amethyst on your I AMulet will help bring calm feelings of safety and peace.

ALSO a big THANK YOU for your enthusiastic and warm reception of the new 2024 I AMulet pendant and affirmation – Tiger Eye/I AM Powerful! So far, the sphere shaped pendants have been more popular than the nugget ones, but I think that’s because the nuggets’ beauty is best appreciated in person. If you’ve been considering adding this new pendant to your chain and you live in Minneapolis, I invite you to come out this month to an event and choose a unique stone in person!


And speaking of in person events, did you know that I always have the full selection of I AMulet pendants with me as well as a few one of a kind pieces not available on the website? Extra incentive to stop by and say hello!

I know I might sound like a broken record, but thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for your continued support! Also, thank you for being part of this growing community – I am truly grateful for each one of you!

Be Well,

P.S. Trivia Bonus – Did you know that 2024 is a leap year? Having a leap year birthday is the main plot twist in a certain famous musical comedy. If you know the name of the show, drop me a note HERE with you email address, and I’ll send you a code for FREE SHIPPING during the months of February and March on melissacmark.com!

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