JUNE 2024

How can it possibly be JUNE?

The year is flying by. Sigh.

Here’s what’s going on from my end of the world:


Thank you to those who stopped by ModernWell Office Hours, Serge + Jane, and both Nail Ninja popups last month! The event at Serge + Jane was a great success, and the rooftop weather was especially glorious!
I also had the opportunity to set up at a special ModernWell event called How Did She Do That? The evening’s purpose was to highlight women in their 40’s and 50’s who changed directions to follow their creative dreams. The main program offered an author panel facilitated by Kate Hopper, consisting of three newly published local authors: Jennifer Cramer-Miller, Kristin Nilsen, and Heather Strommen. If you’re looking for some summer reading options, consider the debut novels from these three talented and local writers. I’ve read them all and would recommend each one without hesitation!


– I serendipitously acquired a few matched Bloodstone Jasper stones that I quickly used to make some new earrings – they’re gorgeous!


– I also handpicked several new amethyst slice pendants. Each is finished on three sides with 18k gold electroplate leaving the last side with a rough crystal edge. I’ve chosen a simple leather cord to focus attention on the beauty of the stone’s patterns and rawness of the edges  – I love them and know that you will, too.
– Lastly, I continue to restock 2024 Lucky Penny necklaces and keychains. These are great as graduation gifts as well as meaningful Father’s Day gifting for new Dads or Grandpas.

I AMulet® NEWS

Remember the Rose Quartz Butterflies from the May update? Well, a few of you asked if these could be worn as I AMulet pendants too, and the answer is YES! I LOVE this idea quite a bit because the rose quartz affirmation speaks to the importance of loving yourself before being able to love others, and butterflies symbolize transformation and growth. The two together make so much sense to me that I’ve taken to wear a rose quartz butterfly on my own I AMulet!
I haven’t put the option up on the website quite yet though, because I wanted to flat it here first and ask for your feedback. If you’re interested in either adding a rose quartz butterfly to your chain or styling a new I AMulet with this pendant option, send me a message HERE for pricing and availability.

This is my current I AMulet arrangement: I AM Magic – Labradorite, I AM Worthy – Sugilite, I AM Loved – Rose Quartz, and a small Black Tourmaline for extra negative energy protection.


I’m taking it a little slower for the summer and will be at Moderwell for Office Hours only on the first Tuesday of the month through August. Here’s my event schedule as it currently stands:

That’s the news for June! I hope that this update finds you and yours healthy, happy, and well, and as always, thank you for your continued support!

Here’s to a June with long days and extra sunlight-

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