I Am Unstoppable – Citrine I AMulet


Citrine is a manifestation stone, offering motivation and confidence. It has a bright yellow hue and an energy resembling a warm ray of sunshine. Because citrine is also a stone of abundance and success, it will help motivate you through even the most uncertain of times. As a member of the quartz family, it can also easily combine its energy with many other crystals to form powerful combinations. Citrine is a serious positive energy booster, full of potential and promise.

Already have an I AMulet necklace and want to expand your Intention Toolkit with a citrine pendant and affirmation? Click HERE for the Add-On I AMulet Stone Pendants listing.

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Free form CITRINE nugget, 10-14mm in length, with sterling silver or gold filled beads and wire. Finished pendant approximately 3/4″ in total length.

Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium, citrine stone colors and patterns may vary from the images shown.

1/2″ hand stamped sterling silver or gold filled Eye/I disc

18″ sterling silver or gold filled ball chain

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Weight1 oz

Sterling Silver, Gold Filled

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