Moss Agate Star Earrings


Moss agates are strangely named, as they are neither agates nor filled with moss. Because they have a patterned appearance and the same chemical composition as agates, they are named as they are. Members of the quartz family, the “moss” patterns result from surrounding trace mineral inclusions

No two moss agates are ever the same, and each star is handcut, making these earring pairs truly one of a kind. They are also made with titanium wires, and therefore extremely hypoallergenic.

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Approx 8-9mm hand cut moss agate stars with sterling silver finishes and titanium wires.

Because stones are natural and hand cut, no two stars are exactly the same.

Please note that colors and patterns may vary slightly from photos due to variation in computer screen monitors. Specific pairs are not guaranteed.


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Weight1 oz

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