Happy New Year!


If you’re visiting my website and reading this, it means you made it through the hellscape called 2020. Congratulations! I know I’m grateful to be a 2020 survivor; unfortunately, too many others in this world can’t ever claim the same title because of COVID.


COVID, COVID, COVID. It’s all we think about in my house. My husband and I are both doctors, but only he is currently working in a hospital ICU. COVID has kept him busy in ways that scare us, daily. I wish I could tell you that we’ll all be able to enjoy restaurants, travel, or events together soon, but I can’t. What I CAN say is that our lives WILL open up again in the future, as long as we stay vigilant and continue to wear our masks.


I know I’ve started this post on a darker note, but please don’t think it’s because I’m feeling doom and gloomish; I’m not. I know the road out of 2020 will be difficult, but slow and steady wins the race. I believe that 2021 will be a year of growth and renewal. To that end, I’ve adopted the word unstoppable as a theme for my personal goals this year, and created a new I AMulet stone/affirmation combo to mindfully keep myself on track.


Finding a 2021 stone was a welcome challenge. I wanted to choose one that could mirror the positive and fiery power I associate with the word unstoppable. It needed the ability to ferry a variety of positive intentions, while simultaneously generating enormous amounts of energy, positivity, and light. I also wanted it to be beautiful but not flashy, able to go with the flow. If 2020 taught me anything, it was that the things we choose to focus on today will undoubtedly be different tomorrow; the only thing constant in 2020 was change. Most importantly, this stone had to fit easily into everyone’s I AMulet intention toolkit; something that would evoke feelings of comfort and harmony, like your favorite jammies or a fuzzy sweater.


After considering many lovely options, I chose citrine; approachable, sunshine-evoking, full body powered citrine. It checks all the boxes and I know it will be a genuine asset to your selfcare and mindfulness practice.


Citrine is a manifestation stone, offering motivation and confidence. It has a bright yellow hue and an energy resembling a warm ray of sunshine. Because citrine is also a stone of abundance and success, it will help motivate you through even the most uncertain of times. As a member of the quartz family, it can also easily combine its energy with many other crystals to form powerful combinations. Citrine is a serious positive energy booster, full of potential and promise.


I’m so excited to share this new citrine I AMulet with you!


I will offer the I AM Unstoppable I AMulet necklace and pendant throughout 2021 because being unstoppable isn’t a short-term intention. I also plan to intermittently include new citrine items in the Limited Pieces section of melissacmark.com, so check back from time to time and look around the shop.



Thank you for being a part of my life. Making jewelry that supports your wellbeing is something I love to do. I hope that you find my work to be helpful, hopeful, and meaningful.


Here’s to the new year, the promise of a COVID vaccine, and a return to in-person interaction. May the hard-earned clarity of 2020 help positively shape 2021’s post pandemic perspective, one that includes a strong, healthy, and light filled future for everyone.


With love,


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