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Even though rubies are considered to be more precious and rarer than diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, natural ones are not perfect; only the lab created rubies can claim that distinction. Gemologists use the presence of irregularities in clarity and color to distinguish a natural ruby from a synthetic one. Isn’t that interesting?

This resonates with me greatly. No matter how hard I try, my responses to the chaos in my life and the world around me never feel good enough. Adding this ruby I AMulet® pendant to my chain will help me remember to aim for AUTHENTICITY and not perfection because real people (like real rubies) are beautifully imperfect.

Choose the full I AMulet® option for the complete necklace as shown. Choose the pendant only option if you wish to add a ruby talisman to an I AMulet® you already wear.

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All ruby pendants: Approx 1 - 1.5cm raw ruby stone edged in 18k gold electroplate and with gold filled finishes. Pendants hang approximately 2.5cm in length. Pendant only option does NOT include charm and chain.

The Full I AMulet necklace option has gold-filled finishes and includes one handstamped eye/I charm, one stone pendant, and an 18" ball chain. Additional stone pendants may be purchased separately at any time to add new affirmations to your I AMulet and expand your collection.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise a specific stone from the photo array. I’ve done my best to capture the rubies' color in these photos, but due to the nature of the medium and individual computer display settings, colors may vary slightly from pictures shown.


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Weight2 oz
Full I AMulet or Pendant Only?

Full I AMulet, Pendant Only

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